Posted by: Idioma Extra | February 11, 2010

Thursday’s Tidbit

Idioms about Love

February 14th is Valentine’s Day is a day celebrating love and affection that is celebrated in many countries around the world. It was first established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD. In light of this special day that falls on Sunday this year, we invite you to learn about some common idioms dealing with love and relationships. How many of these have you already heard?  

a blind date: a date where the two people have never met before

Jack was so nervous about his blind date that he left work an hour early to get ready.

love at first sight: fall in love with someone the first time that you see him or her

It was love at first sight when Bill saw Molly walk into the classroom.

puppy love: infatuation with someone else, usually used when referring to adolescent relationships

Jennifer wasn’t worried about her daughter’s relationship. She knew it was just puppy love.

to be hung up on someone: to be obsessed with another person

John is really hung up on his ex-girlfriend. He won’t even look at other girls.

to be seeing someone: to be dating someone on a regular basis, but not necessarily in a serious relationship

It’s against our company’s rules to see anyone from work.

to fall head over heels for someone: to completely fall in love

Rob has fallen head over heels for his girlfriend. He told me he’s going to propose to her tomorrow.

to have a crush on someone: to have an intense or sudden romantic infatuation for someone

Almost everyone had a crush on a teacher when they were in school.

to hit it off with someone: to get along well together with someone

Jenna was really nervous about her new boss. They immediately hit it off though, and she felt really relieved.

Test Yourself!

  1. A: Are you _____________ anyone right now?
    B: Yeah, I’ve gone out a few times with my coworker’s best friend, but it’s nothing serious.
  2. People always made fun of Mike and Jan in high school, saying their relationship was just _______________, but they proved them wrong. They got married after high school, and now have 3 children.
  3. Laura always had trouble meeting guys that she liked, but she really _________________ with Mark. They had a great time together.
  4. Amy has a huge ___________________ Alejandro Sanz. She has posters of him everywhere in her room.

Answers from the Last Tidbit

1. Despite the popularity of television, radio, and the Internet, the printed page is still a viable MEDIUM for the dissemination of news.
2. The criteria for promotion ARE the same this year as THEY HAVE been for decades.
3. One CRITERION we are interested in is an applicant’s experience in sales.
4. While some artists are proficient in only one MEDIUM (e.g., paint, pencils, or clay), Michelangelo created masterpieces in several MEDIA.


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