Posted by: Idioma Extra | March 10, 2010

Wednesday’s News

The Weird and the Wonderful

New Zealand woman sells souls to highest bidder

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – The rare spirits that went under the gavel at a recent online auction in New Zealand weren’t aged brandies or hard-to-find liqueurs.

Instead, two glass vials purportedly containing the ghosts of two dead people sold for $2,830 New Zealand dollars ($1,983) at an auction that ended Monday night.

The “ghosts” were put up for bidding by Avie Woodbury from the southern city of Christchurch. She said they were captured in her house and stored in glass vials with stoppers and dipped in holy water, which she says “dulls the spirits’ energy.”

She said they were the spirits of an old man who lived in the house during the 1920s, and a powerful, disruptive little girl who turned up after a session with a spirit-calling Ouija board. Since an exorcism at the property last July led to their capture, there has been no further spooky activity in the house, she said.

The auction attracted more than 214,000 page views and dozens of questions before the winning bid, Trademe auction site spokesman Paul Ford said Tuesday. The name of the winning bidder was not released.

Woodbury said that once an “exorcist’s fee” has been deducted, the proceeds of the spirit sale will go to the animal welfare group the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Word of the Day

Main Entry: bid
Function: noun
Date: 1788
1 a : the act of one who bids
b : a statement of what one will give or take for something; especially : an offer of a price
c : something offered as a bid
2 : an opportunity to bid
3 : invitation
4 a : an announcement of what a cardplayer proposes to undertake
b : the amount of such a bid
c : a biddable bridge hand
5 : an attempt or effort to win, achieve, or attract <a bid for reelection>

More Vocabulary

Auction: n. the sale of property to the highest bidder
Disruptive: adj. interrupting the normal course or unity of
Dull: v. to decrease the force, intensity or sharpness of
Gavel: n. a mallet used (as by a presiding officer or auctioneer) for commanding attention or confirming an action (as a vote or sale)
Proceeds: n. the total amount brought in
Purportedly: adv. allegedly, supposedly

Love those Phrasal Verbs!

Put up: to offer, especially for public sale

     After her divorce, Sheila put her house up for sale.

Turn up: to appear, arrive

     Jack finally turned up at the meeting after getting lost in the city for 1 hour.


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