Posted by: Idioma Extra | June 22, 2010

The Weird and the Wonderful

Police: Man jumps onto semi as bet, then calls 911


SABINA, Ohio – Police say a man called 911 from the back of a moving tractor-trailer after he jumped onto the truck on a dare from friends, then traveled about 10 miles on an Ohio highway. In the call early Friday, 24-year-old Brandon Farmer tells a Fayette County dispatcher that it was a stupid idea and that he’s “holding on for dear life” on U.S. route 22 near Sabina, about 50 miles southwest of Columbus.

The Washington Court House man says he jumped onto the semitrailer as “kind of a joke” when it was stopped at a red light.
A Sabina police officer pulled over the truck and spotted Farmer still clinging to the back. The driver was unaware of the extra cargo onboard.
Sheriff Vernon Stanforth says Farmer had been drinking at the time and was charged with disorderly conduct.

Word of the Day

Main Entry: dare
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): dared; dar·ing; dares or (auxiliary) dare
Etymology: Middle English dar (1st & 3d singular present indicative), from Old English dear; akin to Old High German gitar (1st & 3d singular present indicative) dare, Greek tharsos courage
Date: before 12th century
verbal auxiliary : to be sufficiently courageous to <no one dared say a word> <she dare not let herself love — G. B. Shaw>intransitive verb : to have sufficient courage <try it if you dare>transitive verb 1 a : to challenge to perform an action especially as a proof of courage <dared him to jump> b : to confront boldly : defy <dared the anger of his family>
2 : to have the courage to contend against, venture, or try <the actress dared a new interpretation of this classic role>
dar·er \ˈder-ər\ noun

More Vocabulary

Cling: intr.v. to hold or hold on tightly or tenaciously
            She was clinging to her seat during the earthquake.
Disorderly conduct:
n. a petty offense chiefly against public order and decency that falls short of an indictable misdemeanor
            We are lucky that at our conventions there are never incidents of disorderly conduct by the participants.
: n. in transportation, organizer who is responsible for maintaining the route schedule and informing workers of when they are needed.
            A 911 dispatcher is known as a public safety dispatcher or an emergency dispatcher.
: adj. not aware or conscious; unconscious
            She was unaware of any changes that went on around her in the office.

 Love those Phrasal Verbs!

Hold on: to keep a firm grip on
            The security guard warned us to hold on to your badges once inside the building.


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