Posted by: Idioma Extra | July 12, 2010

Monday´s News

Monkeys Resume Safe Travel in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


Byblos Resort & Casino in conjunction with Kids Saving the Rainforest has donated money and supplies to replace some of the 30 man-made monkey bridges located around Manuel Antonio National Park area enabling the continued safe transit of the endangered Titi (squirrel) monkeys.

Kids Saving The Rainforest, a not for profit Costa Rican organization, has been working with the Monkey Bridge Program for the last 10 years in and around the Manuel Antonio area.

“Giving the monkeys safe passage over busy roads and populated areas by strategically placing rope “bridges” is an integral part of our work.” says Jennifer Rice, representative of Kids Saving the Rainforest. KSTR was saddened to report that over 30 monkey bridges were destroyed from the freak tropical storm that devastated much of the natural vegetation last June 1st.

“Not only have over 1/4 of the bridges been destroyed, but thousands of trees in the rainforest have come down or broken, making it extremely difficult for the monkeys to travel the canopy in search of food and shelter. Some have been electrocuted trying to find new routes because they now have to pass through live wires and transformers. It is crucial to get the bridges up again”, added Ms. Rice.

To ensure the survival of the critically species, bridges have to be replaced, new locations investigated, and the cost to repair and replace the bridges will be over $2000. With little or no funds available, local hotel Byblos Resort & Casino, has generously come forward to donate much of the needed funds and materials to make this happen. The bridges have been a huge part of the success of Titi Monkeys’ population increase and without them there will be more electrocutions and deaths.

“This is not just a feel good donation; these monkeys are one of the main attractions for tourism in our area. Local Manuel Antonio hotels and tourism operations that depend on National and International visitors cannot afford to ignore this calamity. It’s a win- win donation as far as we are concerned.” says Kimberly Barron, Director of Marketing for Hotel Byblos Resort & Casino.

This is just one step in the overall monkey recovery plan for the Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica area, and with corporate and social responsibility programs of tourism operations like, not only will the monkeys benefit, but the local tourist economy as well.

Word of the Day

Main Entry: fund
Pronunciation: \ˈfənd\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin fundus bottom, country estate — more at bottom
Date: 1694
1 a : a sum of money or other resources whose principal or interest is set apart for a specific objective b : money on deposit on which checks or drafts can be drawn —usually used in plural c : capital d plural : the stock of the British national debt —usually used with the
2 : an available quantity of material or intangible resources : supply
3 plural : available pecuniary resources
4 : an organization administering a special fund

More Vocabulary

Conjunction: v. to lose or fall in estate or condition
Donation: n. a gift, as to a fund; contribution
Endangered: adj. threatened with extinction
Ensure: v. to make sure or certain
Freak: adj. unusual; odd; irregular
Win-win: adj. advantageous to both sides, as in a negotiation

Love those Phrasal Verbs!

Come forward: to offer one’s services; present oneself; volunteer

  • When the president called for volunteers, several members of our group came forward.

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