Posted by: Idioma Extra | July 21, 2010

The Weird and the Wonderful

‘Bad Luck Bandit’? Getaway car runs out of gas


WENATCHEE, Wash. — Don’t call him Lucky.

Wenatchee police arrested a 47-year-old Tacoma man for investigation of first-degree theft after he ran out of gas as he was leaving a store where Native American collectibles were stolen.

Alerted to the thefts by the store owner, police found the man on foot Wednesday after his car stalled about 50 feet from its original parking spot.

Sgt. John Kruse said the man is suspected of stealing several Indian collectibles from the Discount Center.

Kruse says he was also in possession of several necklaces stolen from the Antique Mall — and is suspected of stealing a beaded Native American ceremonial garment bearing a price tag of $10,500.

Police are calling him the “Bad Luck Bandit“.

Word of the Day

Main Entry: ban·dit
Pronunciation: \ˈban-dət\
Function: noun
Etymology: Italian bandito, from past participle of bandire to banish, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German bannan to command — more at ban
Date: 1611
1 plural also ban·dit·ti \ban-ˈdi-tē\: an outlaw who lives by plunder; especially : a member of a band of marauders
2 : robber
3 : an enemy plane
— ban·dit·ry \ˈban-də-trē\ noun

More Vocabulary

Bearing: v. to have as an identification
Ceremonial: adj. used in or in connection with ceremonies
Collectible: n. an object suitable for a collection, originally a work of fine artor an antique, now including also any of a wide variety ofitems collected as a hobby, for display, or as an investment whose value may appreciate
Stall: v. an object suitable for a collection, originally a work of fine artor an antique, now including also any of a wide variety ofitems collected as a hobby, for display, or as an investment whose value may appreciate
Theft: n. the act of stealing

Love those Phrasal Verbs!

Run out of: to exhaust a quantity or supply of

  • She couldn’t bake a cake because she had run out of sugar.

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