Posted by: Idioma Extra | July 22, 2010

Thursday Tidbits

Prepositions after verbs


There is often some confusion for native Spanish speakers with verb prepositions combinations. In some instances, the preposition that comes after the verb is similar to that in Spanish, but in others they are not. Here are some of the more common ones that students tend to make errors on.

Contar con > to count/rely on
Preocuparse con > to worry about
Soñar con > to dream about
Hartarse de > to be fed up with
Pensar en > to think about
Depender de > to depend on
Enamorarse de > to fall in love with

Test Yourself

See if you can complete the following sentences with the correct preposition.

1. He threatened ____ quit his job if he didn’t get a raise.
2. It’s difficult to find good friends that you can rely ____.
3. Last night I dreamed ____ traveling to outer space.
4. Lately, I’m so fed up ____ all the slow lines at the super market.
5. He’ always bragging ____ how much money he makes.
6. Don’t hesitate ____ call me if you have any problems.
7. It took me 3 hours ____ get from here to the beach.
8. Most people dress ____ black for a funeral.
9. All the children were making fun ____ him.

Answers to last week’s Test Yourself

1. My cold prevented me from _participating (participate) in the marathon.
2. He decided   to change (change) careers and study medicine.
3. My friend didn’t feel like ___seeing (see) the movie with me last night.
4. My boss talked me into __working__ (work) this weekend.
5. After __signing__ (sign) the papers, he was free from any responsibility.
6. He finally talked about starting _to clean__ (clean) the garage after months of procrastination.

Now choose from the list of prepositions to complete the sentence. There are more prepositions than examples.

From     in     toward     for     to     with     about     on

1. My mother blamed me _for___ breaking the window.
2. When learning a language, you can’t only focus _on__ studying one aspect.
3. The team finally succeeded _in__ defeating the world champion.
4. Most people look forward _to__ relaxing on the weekends.
5. The couple was arguing _about__ selling their house.

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