Posted by: Idioma Extra | August 12, 2010

Thursday’s Tidbit


Which of the following is correct:

  1. My favourite color is blue.
  2. My favorite colour is blue.

If you chose #1, you’re correct.  If you chose #2, you’re also correct!

In English, different spellings occur because of differences between British and American English.  Look at some of the more common differences below:

-or vs. -our

British:  colour, honour, favour

American:  color, honor, favor

-er vs. -re

British:  centre, theatre, metre

American:  center, theater, meter

-og vs. -ogue

British:  analogue, dialogue, catalogue

American:  analog, dialog, catalog

Test Yourself

Using the example words from above, complete the following sentences.  See which spelling comes out naturally and see if it’s British or American.  You may just find that you use a combination of both!

  1. My favorite __________ is turquoise.
  2. I saw Phantom of the Opera last night at the National __________.
  3. A __________ is a conversation between two people.
  4. “Could you do me a quick __________ and meet me at the call __________ where I work?
  5. In libraries, most card __________ are now electronic.
  6. I put flowers on John Lennon’s grave in order to __________ him.

Answer to last weeks Test Yourself

1. After I missed work for five consecutive days, my boss told me, “You’d better not be late again!”__
2. Would you mind helping me with a “problem_?_”__
3. I used to like the song “Purple Rain__”_,_ but I listened to it so much that I no longer like it.
4. When I was young my father always used to tell me, “Clean your room”_._
5. What do you think he meant when he said, “I have no recollection, Senator_._”__
6. Every time I walk downtown people asked me, “Do you have change_?_”__
7. “Have you seen her_?_”__ from what I remember, was a popular Motown song by The Temptations.
8. I was wondering if you could tell me the meaning of the word “regret__”_._


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