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The Weird and the Wonderful

Authorities: Mass. man fakes death to avoid trial

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SALEM, Mass. — Massachusetts authorities are searching for a man they say faked his death to beat charges of driving without a license.

The Gloucester Times reports that 42-year-old Michael Rosen of Salem sent a man to court last week to file a certificate showing that Rosen had died the previous week. Afterward, a judge dismissed the traffic case.

But a suspicious probation officer heard from a colleague in a neighboring town that Rosen had checked in four days after he purportedly died. Additional investigation showed the certificate contained spelling errors in the place of birth, cause of death, and the cemetery. City officials confirmed the document was a fake, lacking a raised seal and printed on the wrong kind of paper.

Rosen now faces additional charges of forgery and counterfeiting.

Word of the Day

Main Entry: col·league
Pronunciation: \ˈkä-(ˌ)lēg\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French collegue, from Latin collega, from com-legare to depute — more at legate
Date: circa 1533
: an associate in a profession or in a civil or ecclesiastical office
— col·league·ship\-ˌship\ noun

More Vocabulary

Beat: v. to mitigate or offset the effects of
Counterfeit: v.
to make a counterfeit of; imitate fraudulently
Dismiss: v.
to decline further hearing to (a claim or action)
Fake: v.
to pretend; simulate
File: v.
to make application
Forgery: n.
the crime of falsely and fraudulently making or altering a document
Purportedly: adj.
reputed or claimed; alleged

Love those Phrasal Verbs!

Check in: to register, as at a hotel; indicate one’s arrival or presence at a place, function, etc., usually by signing an appropriate form

  • All visitors were asked to check in at the reception desk.

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