Posted by: Idioma Extra | September 2, 2010

Thursday Tidbits

Don’t /Doesn’t / Didn’t have vs. Haven’t / hasn’t

Don’t / doesn’t / didn’t have: This construction is used when ‘have’ is the main verb in a negative sentence. Examples:

I  don’t have time to complete the job.

He usually doesn’t have to work on the weekend.

They didn’t have another opportunity.

Haven’t / hasn’t: This construction is used when ‘have’ is an auxiliary verb for the present perfect (have + past participle) in a negative sentence. Examples:

I haven’t completed the job.

He hasn’t worked on the weekend for six months.

They haven’t had another opportunity .

Look at following examples and choose the correct form.

1. I (haven’t / don’t have) enough money to go on vacation.

2. She (hasn’t had / doesn’t have) to wear glasses since last year.

3. The employees (didn’t / haven’t) received a raise for a long time.

4. Why are you’re here? (Didn’t  / Haven’t) you have to go to the doctor’s office today?

5. I wish I (didn’t have / haven’t ) so many responsibilities.

Check Yourself

Now look at these next examples and complete the sentence/question with the negative form of do or have. Pay close attention to the correct form based on the context (i.e. past / present / third person, etc.)

1. Yesterday I ____________ have to work because it was a holiday.

2. I _____________ seen a movie at the theater for over a year.

3. He ______________ looked very healthy lately.

4. She wishes she ____________ have so many problems with her car.

5. My boss ______________ put the correct ID number on the form yesterday.

Answers to last week’s Check  Yourself

1. The grocery store by my house (use to/ used to) close at 7pm, but now they are open until 9pm. ___

2. I got lost because I took a different bus home today. I am used to (taking / take) a different bus route. ___

3. I (am used to / used to) wear jeans to class every day when I was in high school. ___

4. Did you (used / use) to wear a tie at your previous job? ___

5. I felt uncomfortable at the party because I (am not used to / used to) being around so many people. ___

6. I used to (bringing / bring) a lunch to work, but now I go to the food court for lunch. ___

7. I’m having problems understanding the Microsoft Office 2007 functions because I (am used to / used to) using the 2003 format. ___

8.  We (used to / are used to) be able to wear jeans to the office on Fridays, but the company changed the policy. ___


  1. Very interesting!
    So, both constructions are used in a negative sentence. However we must have the main verb in past participle and present perfect for use haven´t or hasn´t.

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