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Thursday Tidbits

Noun/verb pairs and stress

There are certain two-syllable noun/verb pairs in English that change both part of speech AND definition depending on the stress of the word.  Two-syllable noun have a Oo stress pattern while verbs have a oO stress pattern. Look at the chart to see the stress pattern and the change in definition.

Change from noun (Oo) to verb (oO) and defintion
OBject (n) / obJECT(v) n. a non-living thing/v. to disagree
PREsent (n) / preSENT(v) n. these days; a gift/v. to introduce someone; to give
PROduce (n) / proDUCE(v) n. fruits and vegetables/v. to create; to cause
REcord (n) / reCORD (v) n. a document; a vinyl audio disc/v. to copy
PROject (n) / proJECT (v) n. an assignment; a plan/v. to influence; to predict
SUBject (n) / subJECT (v) n. a course of study; a topic/v. to make someone suffer or impose something on someone
SURvey (n) / surVEY (v) n. a question form/v. to examine
SUSpect (n) / susPECT (v) n. a person who might be guilty/v. to believe to be true or probable

Check Yourself

Indicate Oo or oO in the space provided to indicate if it is a noun or a verb.

1. I would like to present my friend. ___

2. He has no record of his past taxes. ___

3. She only buys produce because she is a vegetarian. ___

4. He always projects his negative attitude on others. ___

5. I don’t want to subject my friends to my problems. ___

6. I hate talking to him because he objects to everything you say. ___

8. The architect surveyed the ruins for artifacts. ___

Answers to last week’s Check Yourself
Using the chart above, complete the following sentences with the correct word. If the word is used as a verb, be sure to use the appropriate tense.

1. I should have prepared more for the interview. I completely _bombed_ it.

2. I can’t _stomach__ people who talk about how much money they have.

3. On average, the human body is composed of 60% _water_.

4. He always gets __carded__ at the liquor store because he looks so young.

5. I was completely __floored__ when my parents told me I was adopted.

6. I would like to know who is __heading__ the research project.

7. He asked me what the __total__ was for the damage.

8. The mafia boss went to jail because one of his employees __ratted__ on him.

9. The contestant _nailed__ all the answers and won the game show.

10.  Would you mind __handing__ me those scissors over there?


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