Posted by: Idioma Extra | October 14, 2010

Thursday Tidbits

Distinguishing nouns and verbs

Many words in English have various forms (noun, verb, adjective, adverbs). Sometimes the variety of forms can lead to confusion as to their appropriate use, for example: significant, signify, significance, significantly. Which is the verb? Which is the noun? Below are some of the more common errors made by English as a Second Language learners. Have you ever confused these words? Look at the following list of noun/verb pairs and put each word in the correct category (noun or verb). First try it without help. If you are unsure, use a dictionary to help you.

A) Response / respond                 F) travel / trip

B) choice / choose                           G) repair / reparations

C) Difference / differentiate      H) marry / marriage

D) View / vision                               I) expense / expend

E) breath / breathe                         J) belief / believe


Check Yourself

Read the following sentences and decide if the italicized word is the correct form or not. If not, write the correct form in the space next to the sentence.

1. You have to choice either the red one or the green one. ______________

2. I always take a travel during the month of December. _______________

3. My vision isn’t as good as it used to be. _________________

4. Please response to my email ASAP. _________________

5. Those twins look exactly alike. I can’t difference between the two. ____________________

6. I have to make some reparations to my house because of the flood. __________________

7. They are going to get marriage next year. ____________________

8. She has to expense a lot of energy in order to get in shape. ___________________

9. It is impossible for humans to breathe under water without equipment. _________________

10. Many people depend on their believe in god during difficult situations. _______________

Answers to last week’s Check Yourself:

Select the correct question based on the statement.

1. My boss always arrives first to the office.

__ Who does arrive first to the office?

_x Who arrives first to the office?

2. The older students came to the party.

__ Which students did come to the party?

_x Which students came to the party?

3. John met Sally in the park.

_x Who did John meet?

__Who met John?

4. Three passengers forgot their passport.

_x How many people forgot their passport?

__ How many people did forget their passport?

5. An electrical problem caused the fire.

_x What caused the fire?

__ What did cause the fire?

6. She took some money.

__ What she took?

_x What did she take?

7. Steve broke the window.

_ Who did break the window?

_x Who broke the window?

8. The red team won.

_x Which team won?

__ Which team did win?

9. I saw a horror movie.

_x What movie did you see?

__ What movie you saw?

10. I did my homework yesterday.

__ What you did yesterday?

_x What did you do yesterday?


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