Posted by: Idioma Extra | November 10, 2010

The Weird and the Wonderful

Limo stolen from church with bridal party inside


OXBURY, Mass. — It wasn’t just the bride and groom with wedding day jitters on Saturday – part of the wedding party got quite a scare when they were carjacked in front of a church.

The bridal party nearly missed the nuptials when the limo they were in was stolen.

“Right out from under the wedding party,” said Carl Cameron, the wedding bus driver. “Thank God the girls got out. They all took off and started running.”

The wedding party was sitting in the limo waiting in front of the church for their cue to enter and walk down the aisle.

That’s when a suspect jumped into the limo and attacked the driver.

“The next thing I know the girls are jumping out because he’s fighting with the driver, he pushed the driver out of the car and then stole the limo and took off,” said Cameron.

The suspect smashed into a postal truck as he sped away in the stolen limo while the police pursued the suspect.

The limousine was later discovered in South Boston on West 5th Street, but the suspect was already gone.

“I looked out the window and it was all cops everywhere,” said Cheryl Steadman. “The limo was right there. They searched the last house up there because the door was open and there’s a basement.”

As police pursued the suspect, the wedding continued. By the time bride and groom made their exit a new limo was there to take the party to the reception.

None of the wedding party was injured, but they were pretty shaken.

“They’re going to be shook up for quite awhile after something like this,” said Cameron.

Police are still searching for the suspect.

Word of the day

Pronunciation: \pər-ˈsü, -ˈsyü\
Origins: Middle English, from Anglo-French pursure, pursiure, from Latin prosequi, from pro- forward + sequi to follow — more at pro-sue
transitive verb
1: to follow in order to overtake, capture, kill, or defeat
2: to find or employ measures to obtain or accomplish : seek<pursue a goal>
3: to proceed along <pursues a northern course>
4 a : to engage in <pursue a hobby>b : to follow up or proceed with <pursue an argument>
5: to continue to afflict : haunt <was pursued by horrible memories>
6: chase  <pursued by dozens of fans>
1: to go in pursuit
— pur·su·er/ noun

Move Vocabulary

Aisle: n. any of the longitudinal divisions of a church or the like
Basement: n.
the part of a building that is wholly or partly below ground level
Cue: n.
anything that excites to action
Jitter: n.
a sense of panic or extreme nervousness

Love those Phrasal Verbs

Take off: to depart; leave

  • I’m not really sure when the executive managers will be back. They took off yesterday for a meeting in New York.

Shake up: to upset; jar

  • Emily was shaken up to hear the company would be going through a merger in the coming weeks that she had to sit down to hear the rest of the news.

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