Posted by: Idioma Extra | January 12, 2011

Thursday´s Tidbit

“Some” or “Any”

Similar to last week’s tidbit (much vs. a lot of), English language learners often confuse “some” and “any.”  Here is an explanation of the correct usage.


“Some” is used in positive sentences. This also applies to words beginning with “some” (someone, something, somebody). Here are some examples:

We need to buy some beverages for the party.

They were looking for someone to fill the job position.

I bought something for my flu.


“Any,” on the other hand, is used in negative sentences. It also applies to words beginning with “any” (anyone, anything, anybody). Here are some examples:

We couldn’t find any cake for the party.

They didn’t see anyone they knew at the party.

She doesn’t need anything for the wedding.

Check Yourself

Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

1. (Someone / Anyone) told me what happened.

2. I don’t drink (some / any) alcohol when I’m on a diet.

3. He never has (some / any) solutions to our problems.

4. I think (somebody / anybody) is outside.

5. He has never tried (something / anything) exotic.

6. When I need help, there is rarely (someone / anyone) available.

7. They don’ think (someone / anyone) will come to the party.

8. I‘m afraid I don’t have (any / some) answers for you.

Answers to last week’s Check Yourself

1. I have (a lot of / much) respect for him.

2. I don’t have (much / a lot of) time to finish the project.

3. (A lot of / much) people are aware of that rumor.

4. He doesn’t have (much / a lot of) friends.

5. There isn’t (a lot of / much) traffic in the afternoon.

6.  We had (much / a lot of) fun at the party.

7. The teacher gave us (much / a lot of) homework for the weekend.

8. There are (a lot of / much) exciting things happening this weekend.

9. We didn’t see (much / a lot of) interesting news on TV.

10. She lost (much / a lot of) weight during the therapy.


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