Posted by: Idioma Extra | January 31, 2011

Tuesday´s News

Tourism institute targets Chicago, New York and Frisco



The Costa Rica Tourism Institute has targeted three cities for a winter campaign.

The first is San Francisco where the Institute authorized the posting of a large mural in the Powell Street metro station.

The other two cities are New York and Chicago where billboards have been erected with 12 different scenes reflecting tourism in Costa Rica.

Also in New York, the Institute said that it contracted with CBS to run a 125-second video on its giant Times Square screen. That ran 1,152 times in the scheduled 32 days, said the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo.

The Institute did not give the costs associated with these projects. In the past, the Institute has used advertising on U.S. buses.

Carlos Ricardo Benavides, the tourism minister, pointed out that the average U.S. tourist takes three months to decide on a vacation and spends two more months getting ready. So this campaign, which began in December and runs through February is aimed to promote tourism in the middle and end of the year.

The Ministry said that the Powell Street station sees 300,000 passersby a day.

Word of the Day

tar·get: \ˈtär-gət\
Origin: Middle English, from Middle French targette, targuete, diminutive of targe light shield, from Old French, of Germanic origin; akin to Old Norse targa shield
First Known Use: 14th century
1: to make a target of <targeted her for promotion>; especially: to set as a goal
2: to direct or use toward a target

More Vocabulary

Billboard: n. a flat surface (as of a panel, wall, or fence) on which bills are posted; specifically : a large panel designed to carry outdoor advertising
Erect: v.
to cause to stand up or stand out
Passerby: n.
a person who walks by something on a street or road

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Interrupting and Clarifying Phrases

May I interrupt you for a moment?
I wonder if I could comment on that last point?
Excuse me, I´d like to add something here.


Correct me if I´m wrong, but…
Basically, what  you´re saying is…



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