Posted by: Idioma Extra | February 9, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

Ask about or ask for

Sometimes there is some confusion regarding when to use about or for when using the verb ask. Here is a brief explanation to help you understand when to use which.

Ask about

Use the preposition about with the verb ask when you want to inquire or get information about something. For example,

–          I need to ask my boss about some of the project specifics.

–          She ask me about some personal information.

Ask for

Use the preposition for when your intention is to receive something. For example,

–          I want to ask my mother for a loan.

–          You should ask for permission before entering.

Exercise: Look at the following sentences and decide whether to use about or for.

1. The police officer asked ________ my identification.

2. I asked the salesperson _________ the computer’s features.

3. It is important to ask the receptionist _________ directions.

4. I think you should ask a lawyer _______ advice.

5. Be sure to ask ________ them about the sales offer.

6. She hates to ask anyone _______ help.

7. I had to ask the teacher _________ the homework because I didn’t understand.

8. The pharmacist asked ________ the prescription before filling it.

9. How much are you going to ask _______ when you sell your car?

10. I’m afraid to ask _______ his situation. He’s pretty sensitive.

Answers to last week’s tidbits:

1. He __________________ (get) new glasses this weekend. __

2. She  ____________________ (buy) a new cell phone. __

3. I ________________ (work) this weekend. __

4. The new Jim Carrey movie _________________ (be) really stupid. __

5. You ____________________ (buckle) your seat belt when driving. __

6. My father and I _______________________ (be) at home for dinner, but there was a big snowstorm. __

7. What time _________ you ________________ (take) the exam? __

8. Non-residents ________________________ (leave) the country every three months. __

9. You ______________________ (wear) business clothes to a job interview. __

10. That new Japanese restaurant _____________________ (have) the best sushi. __


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