Posted by: Idioma Extra | April 13, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

Often confused adjectives, verbs, and their auxiliaries

Most English language learners understand that the auxiliary verb “do” goes with verbs and the verb “be” goes with adjectives. However, there are some adjectives and verbs that many students get confused and often use the incorrect auxiliary or verb. Remember that “do” is an auxiliary verb when used with verbs while “be” is a verb used with adjectives.

Adjectives Verbs
Certain Care
Sure worry
Lucky Feel
Sick agree
Fun stay
Careful smell
calm save

Check yourself

Now look at the following sentences and decide which is the correct auxiliary or verb.

1. The boss (isn’t / doesn’t) certain if the company will move next year.

2. Surprisingly, he (wasn’t / didn’t) feel sick after eating so much food.

3. The perfume (doesn’t / isn’t) smell very good.

4. A few people win the lottery, but the majority (don’t / aren’t) lucky.

5. I think he is coming, but I (am not / don’t) sure.

6. Unfortunately, he (wasn’t / didn’t) save the information.

7. She (isn’t / doesn’t) too worried about presentation.

8. It (don’t / isn’t) true what he said.

9. Most people (aren’t / don’t) care about international problems.

10. I usually (am not / don’t) worry about health problems.

11. My muscles (aren’t / don’t) sore after doing exercise.

12. They really (are not / don’t) agree with the policy.

Answers to last week’s check yourself:

Complete the sentence and identify the correct sound (“-it” or “-ate”)

1. That type of language is not _appropriate__ for this meeting. _it_

2. We need you to __coordinate___with the other team regarding the details of the project. _ate_

3. Could you please __demonstrate__ to us how it works? _ate_

4. He has been __celibate__ since he became a priest. _it_

5. The police _confiscate__ a lot of drugs from the crime scene. _ate_

6. We only provide classes to __corporate___ clients. _it_

7. His lack of communication __frustrates__ me. _ate_

8. I think she needs help! She sounded pretty __desperate__ on the telephone. _it_

9. Divorce and marriage are two __separate___ issues. _it_

10. We had to __separate__ the boys from the girls because of some problems. _ate_


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