Posted by: Idioma Extra | June 1, 2011

Thursday Tidbit

Using “will” in different contexts

Most English language learners associate “will” with the future. However, there are other contexts in which “will” is often used. Let’s take a look at a few:


I think you will win the lottery.

She will own a house some day.

You will pass the exam. Don’t worry.


I will help you as soon as I can.

He says he will pay you back next week.

They told me they will finish the project on time.


The boss will fire you if you are late again.

If it happens again, I will sue them.

I will get revenge.

Polite offers/requests

Will you have another piece of cake?

Will there be anything else?

Will you come with me?

Strong commands

Will you knock it off!

Will you shut up!

Will you just leave me alone!

Check yourself

Look at the following statements or questions and decide what the correct context is. (PD-prediction, PM-promise, T- threat, PO/R-polite offers/requests, SC-strong commands.

1. I think it will rain soon. ___

2. Will you help me with my homework? ___

3. You will regret it if you do it. ___

4. I will meet you at Soda Tapia at 7pm. ___

5. Will you stop doing that! ___

6. You will miss the opportunity if you don’t do it now. ___

7. The country will suffer if no one sends help. ___

8. Will you turn down the music please? ___

9. Will you give me a chance! ___

10. I think they will lose the game. ___

Answers to last week’s Check yourself:

Look at the following examples and decide if the underlined part can be contracted. Put “Y” for “YES,” or “N” for “NO.”

1. What time were you planning to go to the party? _N_

2. I don’t know if she is planning to come. _Y_

3. What would you do if an earthquake occurred? _N_

4. They are going to arrive at the meeting early. _Y_

5. Where has she been traveling lately? _Y_

6. How did they find out the answer? _Y_

7. No. I said she did get the promotion. _N_

8. How much were they thinking of spending? _N_

9. I didn’t think he was going to finish. _N_

10. How much are you going to buy? _Y_


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