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Thursday Tidbit – Irregular plural nouns

Irregular plural nouns 

Most plural forms of nouns in English take an s or es. However, there are some nouns in English that change form differently than most plural nouns. Let’s take a look at a few:

Singular form Irregular plural form
Man Men
Woman Women
Foot Feet
Tooth Teeth
Person People
Child Children
Mice Mouse
Life Lives
Knife Knives
Thief Thieves

Check yourself

Complete the following sentences with either the singular or plural form of the noun that makes the most sense.

1. When I moved to my new apartment, I found a lot of _________________ in the basement.

2. Many people say that cats have nine _______________.

3. I cut my hand with a _______________ by accident.

4. Most people have 32 _________________ in their mouth.

5. The park was full of many ________________ playing games.

6. I was robbed by a _________________ while walking in downtown San Jose.

7. Most ________________ carry lipstick in their purses.

8. Both of my ______________ hurt after walking for 4 hours.

9. All of the _______________ in my family are bald.

10. I need to speak with a ______________ from the accounting department.

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