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Tuesday’s News

Costa Rica’s Athletes Honoured


Hanna Gabriels, Bryan Ruiz, Nery Brenes and Andrey Amador will travel throughout Costa Rica and the world in stamps.

The four “bigs” of Costa Rica’s sports figures are the protagonists of the new issue of stamps by Correos de Costa Rica (Post Office) “Atletas Destacados” (Featured Athletes), which recognizes the discipline, dedication and courage of these athletes in the consolidation of national sports.

The new issue consists of four motifs with photographs of Hanna Gabriels (boxer), Nery Brenes (sprinter), Bryan Ruiz (soccer) and Andrey Amador (cyclist).

The collection is of 60.000 stamps – 15.000 for each sports figure – is a tribute to these Costa Ricans who with their performances in each of the four sports have brought the name of Costa Rica to the world.

The president of Correos, Álvaro Rodríguez, stressed that athletes honored in this issue, are an example for new generations of athletes who see in them a motivation to keep going.

“These athletes, each in their discipline, have given Costa Ricans joy and smiles, but mostly their sporting exploits have become role models for children and young people who see each of their accomplishments in hope to move forward,” said the Rodríguez.

The issue will be available at Window 10 of Central Post Office or in the Virtual Store with face values between ¢200 and ¢330 colones.

Word of the Day

Origin: Middle English; akin to Old High German stampfōn to stamp and perhaps to Greek stembein to shake up
First Known Use: 13th century
transitive verb
1: to pound or crush with a pestle or a heavy instrument
2 a (1) : to strike or beat forcibly with the bottom of the foot (2) : to bring down (the foot) forcibly; b : to extinguish or destroy by or as if by stamping with the foot —usually used with out <stamp out cancer>
3 a : impress, imprint <stamp “paid” on the bill>; b : to attach a stamp to
4: to cut out, bend, or form with a stamp or die
5 a : to provide with a distinctive character <stamped with a dreary, institutionalized look — Bernard Taper>; b : characterize <stamped as honest women — W. M. Thackeray>
intransitive verb
1: pound 1
2: to strike or thrust the foot forcibly or noisily downward
1: a device or instrument for stamping
2: the impression or mark made by stamping or imprinting
3 a: a distinctive character, indication, or mark; b: a lasting imprint
4: the act of stamping
5:a stamped or printed paper affixed in evidence that a tax has been paid; also : postage stamp

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