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Thursday Tidbits – Position of “enough” with adjectives and nouns

Position of “Enough” with adjectives and nouns 

In English, the word “enough” is placed differently within a sentence when used with adjectives or nouns. Here is an easy explanation:


When “enough” is used with adjectives, the position of “enough” goes after the adjective. Here are some examples:

Traffic is going fast enough to get to our destination quickly.

The key isn’t big enough to fit in the lock.

My computer is fast enough to download videos quickly.


When used with nouns, the position of “enough” goes before the noun. Here are some examples:

I don’t have enough money to finish my home repairs.

We have enough food to feed everyone.

He didn’t have enough time to get it done.

 Check yourself

Place an “x” where “enough” should go in the sentence.

1. My hair is long to make a pony tail.

2. The weather is cold to freeze water.

3. There aren’t people to play the game.

4. My phone isn’t loud to hear the person on the other line.

5. We don’t have books for all the students in the class.

6. There aren’t hours in the day to get all the work done.

7. The movie wasn’t interesting for me to see it again.

8. The situation was serious to call the police.

9. Our teacher isn’t strict to deal with difficult students.

10. The ambulance didn’t arrive in time to save the victim.

Answers to last week’s Check Yourself:

1. I will be at the baseball game. Are you __coming__?

2. The police __came__ to my house last Saturday night.

3. The stranger was __coming__ toward me.

4. The flight is _going__ to Chicago.

5. U2 is planning to __come__ to my city!

6. What time is she ____coming__ to my wedding?

7. No one is __going___ to the beach because of the rain.

8. The package __coming___ to my house this morning.

9. This traffic is __going___ nowhere!

10. It _came___ to my attention that some of you are upset.


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