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The Weird and the Wonderful

Tourists stranded after booking hotel on wrong side of the world









Eastbourne, East Sussex (left) and Eastbourne, New Zealand

South African holidaymakers searching for their hotel with “splendid views” of the pier in Eastbourne, Sussex, had one problem. They were 12,000 miles away in Eastbourne, New Zealand.

Michael and Sunette Adendorff thought something was wrong with their hire car’s GPS as they drove around in circles in the Wellington suburb, looking for the £90-a-night Majestic Hotel on Royal Parade.

When they pulled into the local chemist’s shop to ask directions, they were shocked to discover that Eastbourne (population 4,600), New Zealand, does not even have a hotel.

Shop assistant Linda Burke said: “They just walked in and asked me where Royal Parade was, with the Majestic Hotel.

“I said: Oh no, there’s no hotel here.

“I looked at it and said: That’s in the UK, that’s in England.

“He checked on the internet and said he did think it was funny they charged him in pounds.”

Ms Burke rang around but discovered all the local bed and breakfast places were full, so she offered them a room for the night in her house.

The couple, who were exploring New Zealand while visiting the country to watch South Africa play in the Rugby World Cup, had mistakenly booked into the hotel in Eastbourne, Sussex, on the internet.

“I booked into the right hotel, just in the wrong country,” Mr Adendorff told the Dominion Post newspaper.

Despite the good-natured ribbing they received, the couple said Eastbourne was very nice and the locals were friendly.

“I don’t know how Eastbourne in England popped up in the comparisons on the internet,” Mr Adendorff said.

They were unable to get a refund from the Majestic Hotel because their cancellation was at such short notice.

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