Posted by: Idioma Extra | September 28, 2011

Thrusday Tidbits – I like those kinds of…

I like those kinds of… 

English learners often have trouble making phrases like “that kind of / these kinds of” agree with the subject.   This is the structure in a nutshell, and a few examples:

That/this kind of…: That and this are used only with singular and non-count nouns.

Most people don’t appreciate that kind of gesture.

He isn’t interested in that kind of idea.

I’m in the market for this kind of house.

Those/these kinds of …: Those and these are used with plural nouns.

Those kinds of actions will not be tolerated.

The dentist won’t operate on those kinds of teeth.

I usually don’t get along with those kinds of people.

Check yourself

Identify if the following sentences are correct. If not, make the necessary changes in the space next to the sentence.. Do not change the form of the subject, meaning, do not change the subject from singular to plural or plural to singular. Only change the underlined part of the sentence, if necessary.

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