Posted by: Idioma Extra | October 10, 2011

Tuesday´s News

San José Went To The Dogs On Sunday

Some 4.000 were escorted by their pets in the march against animal abuse!


They came out in the thousands with their pets taking to the streets of downtown San José in a march to give a resounding no to animal abuse.

Although the majority of the animals escorting their owners were dogs, big and small, and everything in between, on hand were a cat or two and a couple of goats.

In total, organizers says some 4.000 people and their pets gathered in Parque Central at 10 am and moved slowly to the Plaza de la Democracia, diagonal to the Legislative Assembly building.

The common goal was to speak in one voice for all abused animals.

Another objective of the march was to collect signatures for Law 7451 that would punish animal abuse. According to organizers they needed 152.000 signatures for the project to be presented before the Legislature to criminalize animal abuse. was there without one of our five Siberian Huskys, Rosso. ICR is also home to another six dogs rescued from the streets.

In Curribadat, a parallel event took place.

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