Posted by: Idioma Extra | October 18, 2011

The Wierd and the Wonderul

Cops: Woman attacks husband with cupcakes


A food fight led to domestic battery charges for a woman on Chicago’s Southwest Side.

Late Saturday night, a man called police to his home on the 4700 block of South Western Avenue because his wife was hurling cupcakes at him, Chicago police said. When officers arrived at the home in the Brighton Park neighborhood, they said the man was covered in frosting and crumbs.

He told officers he feared for his safety. The police report states the woman was verbally aggressive with officers.

On Sunday, a Cook County judge ordered electronic monitoring for the woman and a $10,000 bond. The woman was also charged with a misdemeanor count of domestic battery.

This isn’t the first time the couple have been in trouble with the law. Records indicate that since 2003, the alleged victim himself has been arrested three times on domestic battery or battery charges. Charges in all three cases were later dropped.

Word of the day

bat·tery: \ˈba-t(ə-)rē\
Origin: Anglo-French baterie, from batre to beat, from Latin battuere
First Known Use: 1531
1a : the act of battering or beating; b : an offensive touching or use of force on a person without the person’s consent — compare assault
2[Middle French batterie, from battre to beat]; a : a grouping of artillery pieces for tactical purposes; b : the guns of a warship
3: an artillery unit in the army equivalent to a company
4 a : a combination of apparatus for producing a single electrical effect; b : a group of two or more cells connected together to furnish electric current; also : a single cell that furnishes electric current <a flashlight battery>; c plural : level of energy or enthusiasm <needs a vacation to recharge her batteries>
5 a : a number of similar articles, items, or devices arranged, connected, or used together : set, series <a battery of tests>; b : a usually impressive or imposing group : array
6: the position of readiness of a gun for firing
7: the pitcher and catcher of a baseball team

More Vocabulary

Aggression: n. a forceful action or procedure (as an unprovoked attack) especially when intended to dominate or master
Hurl: v. to throw forcefully: fling
Misdemeanor: n. a crime less serious than a felony


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