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Thursday Tidbit– Other vs. Another

Thursday Tidbits – Other vs. Another

Other vs. Another

Other and another are two words in English that are commonly confused. The difference is simple and once you know it you will be able to speak much more precisely.

Other is used to talk about something that is different in some way. Other can be used to talk about both count and non-count nouns, and is often used with the. 

I want the other car; this one is too old.

Another is used to mean additional, extra or alternative. It can only be used to refer to a singular noun.

I want another hamburger; I am still hungry.

You can use another for plural nouns if you put a distinct quantity before the noun.

He drove another five hours to get home after dropping me off.

Common Mistakes:

I want other cookie. The first one was delicious!     This is incorrect because you want an additional cookie.

Correct: I want another cookie.

I want other car this brand is unreliable.    This is incorrect because you are referring to an alternative car.

Correct:  I want another car….

I want the another ticket this one is too expensive.    This is incorrect because you are using ‘the’ and when using ‘the’ you use other.

Correct: I want the other ticket…

Check yourself

Choose another or other in the following sentences.

  1. I want (another/other) casado. This one was so small.
  2. I really enjoyed seeing (another/other) movie. I love watching movies.
  3. The (another/other) book was much more expensive.
  4. I bought (another/other) six chickens for my farm.
  5. (Another/Other) people don’t like to read as much as I do.
  6. I am really tired. I need (another/other) few hours of sleep.
  7. She wanted to buy (another/other) bed, but it was too expensive.
  8. The (another/other) kids can stay up late.
  9. I really like (another/other) animals, but cats are evil.
  10. My teacher assigned me (another/other) essay because the first one was too short.

 Answers to last week’s Check Yourself

  1. (No/Not) hamburgers at McDonald’s have ham.
  2. (No/Not) driving above the speed limit is safer.
  3. The boy preferred (no/not) to take out the trash.
  4.  (No/Not) a person in the room disliked dogs.
  5. The last Olympics were (no/not) in Costa Rica.
  6. (N0/Not) country is more populated than China.
  7. The painters did (no/not) paint my house in time.
  8. There were (no/not) any angry people at the fair.
  9. The timing was (no/not) good.
  10. Apples were (no/not) Billy’s favorite food.

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