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Thursday Tidbit– Though, Although and Even Though

Thursday Tidbits – Though, Although and Even Though

Though and Although and Even Though

Though, although, and even though are used to emphasis an argument that disagrees with your argument or someone else’s argument.

Though is the most informal. In spoken English it can go at the end of a sentence.

Although is used when speaking in a more formal manner.

Even though is used to give extra emphasis.


“This car is really slow. It gets great gas mileage, though.” (Though used at the end of a sentence)

Though you can’t come to dinner, I could still bring you something back. (Though at the beginning of a sentence)

Although you have great recommendations, you unfortunately don’t have enough experience for the job. (Formal setting)

Even though I ran for two hours per day I still didn’t lose any weight. (Even though used to add greater emphasis)

Check yourself

Choose (though although or even though)  in the following sentences.

  1. (Though/Although/Even though) you were late Ms.President the meeting started on time.
  2. I don’t eat meat. I eat fish (though although or even though) .
  3. (Though/Although/Even though) you can be crude I can’t stay mad at my brother.
  4. (Though/Although/Even though) the plane ride was almost a full day long, I enjoyed it.
  5. (Though/Although/Even though) plastic can be recycled, it cannot be recycled indefinitely.

 Answers to last week’s Check Yourself

  1. I want (another/other) casado. This one was so small.
  2. I really enjoyed seeing (another/other) movie. I love watching movies.
  3. The (another/other) book was much more expensive.
  4. I bought (another/other) six chickens for my farm.
  5. (Another/Other) people don’t like to read as much as I do.
  6. I am really tired. I need (another/other) few hours of sleep.
  7. She wanted to buy (another/other) bed, but it was too expensive.
  8. The (another/other) kids can stay up late.
  9. I really like (another/other) animals, but cats are evil.
  10. My teacher assigned me (another/other) essay because the first one was too short.

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