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Thursday Tidbits – Present Perfect Progressive

Thursday Tidbits – Present Perfect Progressive

Present Perfect Progressive

In English the present perfect progressive is to have + been + verb-ing. We use the present perfect progressive for two different things.

The first and most common is for something started in the past that is still happening.

Examples: I have been running for over an hour.

I have been living in San Jose for 12 years.

The second use is for a recently completed action.

Examples: Has it been raining? The streets are all wet. (Notice that it is not currently raining in this example, but

they are asking if it rained recently.)

Have you been eating your vegetables?

Common Mistakes

Incorrect: I have five years at ICE.

Explanation: This is something you started in the past and are continuing in the present.

Correct: I have been working for ICE for five years.

Incorrect: Yesterday I have been running for three hours.

Explanation: It is not still happening, and we know when this happened (yesterday) so we can use the simple past.

Correct: Yesterday I ran for 2 hours.

Check yourself

Choose the correct verb form in the following sentences.

  1. I (have work/have been working/am working) for five years.
  2. Susie (has go/is going/has been going) to the same gym since 1992.
  3. Harry (ran/ has been running) for 2 hours! I hope he stops soon.
  4. My (has been reading/read) the same book for five months. She reads slowly.
  5. Yesterday Mary (worked/has been working) for five hours before she ate lunch.

Answers to last week’s Check Yourself

  1. My next doctor’s appointment is (in/on/at) November 22nd.
  2. (In/on/at) Sunday many people go to church.
  3. I am seeing The Lion King (in/on/at) 3:30.
  4. Sally normally flies to Panama (in/on/at) November.
  5. Laura always eats lunch (in/on/at) 12:30.

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