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The Weird and the Wonderful

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Butt injection with ‘Fix a Flat’ leads to arrest

Transgender woman charged with posing as doctor in Miami area


A Miami Gardens transgender woman is facing charges of practicing medicine without a license after police say she injected a patient’s rear with everything but the kitchen sink in an illegal cosmetic surgery procedure.

Oneal Ron Morris, 30, was arrested Friday after an investigation by Miami Gardens Police and the Florida Department of Health.

According to police, the victim saw Morris in May and was injected in her buttocks with a substance consisting of cement, “Fix a Flat,” mineral oil and super glue.

The amateur incision was then sealed with super glue, police said. The victim was later hospitalized with a serious medical condition as a result of the injections.

Morris, who police say is a man but appears to look like a woman and sports an apparently enhanced rear herself in arrest photos, was being held on $7,500 bond. It was unknown whether she has an attorney. 

Police believe there may be other victims of Morris who may be afraid to come forward. They said the victims haven’t done anything illegal and shouldn’t be afraid to come forward.

Word of the Day

am·a·teur:  \a-mə-tər, -tu̇r, -tyu̇r, -chu̇r, -chər\
Origin: French, from Latin amator lover, from amare to love
First Known Use: 1777
1: devotee, admirer
2: one who engages in a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession
3: one lacking in experience and competence in an art or science

More Vocabulary

Inject: v. to force a fluid into (as for medical purposes) <inject a drug into the bloodstream>
Rear: n.
Sport: v.
to display or wear usually ostentatiously: boast <sporting expensive new shoes>
Transgender: adj.
of, relating to, or being a person (as a transsexual or transvestite) who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that differs from the one which corresponds to the person’s sex at birth


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