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The Weird and the Wonderful

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Christmas Ornament Used As Weapon: Ruth Wagner Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing … Shopper


Guess if this woman is landing on Santa’s naughty or nice list for allegedly stabbing a shopper with a Christmas ornament?

Police in Southington, Conn., claim that Ruth Wagner used a holiday decoration to slash another woman while fleeing from a craft fair vendor that accused her of shoplifting.

The vendor became suspicious of Wagner, because a piece of jewelry went missing near where the 55-year-old browsed on Sunday, The Hartford Courant reports.

The merchant then saw Wagner allegedly swipe a seashell ornament and yelled for others in the crowd to apprehend her, according to The Courant.

A woman who heard the merchant’s pleas for help tried to block Wagner’s path, but the supposed shoplifter stabbed her in the arm with the pilfered trinket, according to Southington police. A fragment broke from the ornament and left a wound serious enough that the victim needed surgery, The Courant says.

Witnesses jotted down Wagner’s license plate, enabling police to track her to her home, where they arrested her later that day. Authorities charged Wagner with robbery, assault, reckless endangerment, larceny and breach of peace.

Word of the Day

ap·pre·hend: \a-pri-hend\
Origin: Middle English, from Latin apprehendere, literally, to seize, from ad- + prehendere to seize — more at get
First Known Use: 15th century
transitive verb
1: arrest, seize <apprehend a thief>
2 a : to become aware of : perceive; b : to anticipate especially with anxiety, dread, or fear
3: to grasp with the understanding : recognize the meaning of
intransitive verb
: understand, grasp

More Vocabulary

Breach of peace: n. a violation of the public peace, as by a riot, disturbance, etc.
Larceny: n. the unlawful taking of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it permanently
Ornament: n. a small, fancy object that is put on something else to make it more attractive
Pilfer: v.
steal; especially: to steal stealthily in small amounts and often again and again
Shoplift: v.
to steal displayed goods from a store
Trinket: n.
a small ornament


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