Posted by: Idioma Extra | December 26, 2011

Tuesday’s News

Television news shows now are as close as the Internet browser

With most Central Valley television stations now online in a limited fashion, Internet users do not have to leave their desk to catch the latest news in Spanish.

Repretel with its channels 6 and 11, Teletica with its Channel 7, Sociedad Periodística Extra Limitada with its Channel 42 and the new entry, Channel 9 each have some air time through various technical means.

Channel 6 and 11 are streamed through Central de Radio, a firm that operates Radio Reloj, Radio Monumental and 28 others and also provides online music via the Internet.

Channel 9 and Channel 7 are available through, which also contains YouTube personal videos. Channel 42, appears to produce its own Internet signal, but a special browser plugin is required to see the live shows.

Most of the programming now is either news or soccer games, Channel 6 has the most ambitious schedule starting at 6 a.m. But the online version goes dark several times a day. Channel 9 does not list a schedule, although a movie was playing Sunday night.

Channel 7 went dark on the Internet Sunday night in the middle of its news show. However, it was back on in time for “Pequeños Gigantes,” the children’s variety show.

Such variety would have been unthinkable just a few years ago, but Internet bandwidth continues to expand. The station programming is viewed easily with a normal household cable Internet hookup.

Those who really are hooked on electronics can find Channel 42 on their iPad, and Central de Radio will stream music to cell telephones. Sociedad Periodística Extra also has its Radio América at 780 am streaming live via its El Diaro Extra Web page.
Even when the stations are not producing a live Internet signal, the various Web pages contain snippets from earlier broadcasts, mostly of local news.

Internet broadcasting for both television and radio is far more economical than using vast amounts of electricity to send a signal through the open air.

Ustream, like YouTube, invites individuals to submit clips and even provides a downloadable program to create video.

Although the Internet shows have limited popularity, clearly the time is coming when all programming will be shifted to the Internet, and thousands of new arrivals will be producing shows in the same way that the Internet has transformed the print media.

Word of the Day

brows·er  [brou-zer] noun

1. Computers. A software program that allows the user to find and read encoded documents in a form suitable for display, especially such a program for use on the World Wide Web.

More Vocabulary

Through: prep. by way of; by means of

Stream: v.(tech) to display (video) in a continuous flow

Ambitious: adj. to have extremely high goals or expected results

Unthinkable: adj. difficult to conceive; unimaginable

Snippets: n. a short segment of a video or movie

Vast: adj. a very large quantity or range

Shift: v. to move to a new or different location; change

Idioms and Expressions

To be back on: to return power on; or resume a program after a pause

To be hooked on: to like something intensely


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