Posted by: Idioma Extra | December 27, 2011

The Weird and the Wonderful

Isaiah Cutler, 18, Jailed After Allegedly Posting Pictures Of Things He Stole On Facebook

Go to the following link then read the article. Afterward, look at the vocabulary below that you will hear in the news clip.

PITTSBURGH — An 18-year-old Pittsburgh man is accused of burglarizing a market with three teens, then posted pictures on his Facebook page showing the suspects mugging with some of the loot.

Isaiah Cutler who has been jailed since Friday in the Dec. 12 burglary. Online court records don’t list an attorney for him.

Police say Cutler, a 17-year-old and two 14-year-olds stole more than $8,000 worth of cash, cigarettes, candy and checks from the business. About an hour later, police say, Cutler posted pictures of the teens posing with the loot on his page on the social networking site.

The younger suspects have been charged in juvenile court and been released to their parents.

Cutler faces a preliminary hearing Wednesday on charges of theft, burglary and conspiracy.

Word of the Day

Burglar           [bur-gler] noun

1. a thief or robber

More Vocabulary

Spot: v. to see or observe

Concerning: adj. something that causes worry

Civic duty: n. a person’s responsibility to uphold the law

Charge: v. a formal accusation of a crime in law

Suspect: n. a person who is believed to be guilty of something

Confession: n. a verbal admission of guilt

Love those Phrasal Verbs

To tip off: to give clues or information to police about a crime

To get away with: to escape a situation, usually a crime or some wrong doing, without getting caught

To track down: to find someone or something through perseverance


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