Posted by: Idioma Extra | January 15, 2012

Monday’s Post

Steve Jobs: Most Fascinating Person

Watch the video above and answer the questions below:

1. Steve Jobs says that computers are the most remarkable ____________ we have ever come up with.

2. He was a computer geek and a _______________; a romantic and a _________________; a Buddhist and a __________________.

3. What inspired Steve Jobs?

4. According to Mr. Jobs, the greatest people are self-__________________.

5. What were the two most important things in Steve’s life?

6. How long did Mr. Jobs battle cancer?

7. What were his last words?

The answers will be posted next Monday.

Word of the Day

char·is·mat·ic: /ˌkerəzˈmætɪk/
1 : having great charm or appeal : filled with charisma
2: used to describe Christian religious groups whose members believe that they can communicate directly with God to receive help and guidance and the power to heal others

More Vocabulary

Counterculture: n. a culture with values that run against to those of established society
Embody: v. to represent in human form
Humble: v. to make someone feel less important or proud
Mourn: v. to feel or express deep sadness
Visionary: adj. having or marked by foresight and imagination

Love those Phrasal Verbs!

 Come up with: invent or imagine something new

  • I just came up with a great new idea for making non-fat pizza!

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