Posted by: Idioma Extra | January 16, 2012

Tuesday’s News

Costa Rica drops in peace ranking


The “Switzerland of Central America” fell to 31st in the world.

Costa Rica became a little less peaceful in 2011, according to the 2011 Global Peace Index.

The country sometimes called the “Switzerland of Central America” fell five places – from 26th to 31st of a total of 153 countries – from its 2010 ranking. The Switzerland of Europe improved its own ranking, jumping two places to 16th in 2011. Costa Rica remains the most peaceful country in Central America and is ranked second in Latin America only to Uruguay, which earned 21st place.

The Global Peace Index is a measure of internal and external factors relating to peace and security in a country. Countries are scored based on a weighted matrix of these factors, with higher scores corresponding to a lower level of peacefulness. Costa Rica scored 1.68 in 2011, which caused the bump down in ranking from its 2010 score of 1.59.

Costa Rica’s higher score, and subsequent lower ranking, according to the index report, stems from ongoing bad blood with Nicaragua over the San Juan River as well as an overall perception in the country that criminality is on the rise.

In the region, Panama trailed Costa Rica in 49th place. Nicaragua came in at 72nd and El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala ranked 102nd, 117th and 125th, respectively. Due to a lack of data Belize was not included in the index.

Word of the Day

formal : happening or coming after something else
▪ The rate of population growth reached a peak in 1999 and declined in subsequent years. ▪ Her work had a great influence on subsequent generations. ▪ Subsequent studies confirmed their findings.▪ his arrest and subsequent conviction — often + to ▪ events subsequent to [=after] the war

— sub·se·quent·ly/ˈsʌbsəˌkwɛntli/ adverbformal
▪ She graduated from college and subsequently [=afterward] moved to New York. ▪ Subsequently, the drug was found to cause cancer.

More Vocabulary

Matrix: n. a set of numbers in which the numbers are listed in rows and columns and can be added or multiplied according to special rules
Perception: n. the way you think about or understand someone or something
Ranking: n. the numbered position of an item on a list
Weighted: adj. used to say that something favors or does not favor a particular person, group, etc.

Idioms & Phrases

Bad blood: a feeling of intense hatred or hostility

  • There is a lot of bad blood between La Liga and Saprissa fans.

Phrasal Verbs

Stem from: originate; be caused by

  • All of the bad blood stems from a difference in opinion about who is the best soccer team.

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