Posted by: Idioma Extra | January 23, 2012

Tuesday’s News

Carjackers try to rob OIJ agents’ car, get busted instead


A group of car alleged thieves picked the wrong car to rip off Monday morning when they tried to carjack the vehicle of two agents of the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ), according to a report by the same agency.

The botched heist went down in the Dos Cercas de Desamparados where, according to the OIJ report, a group of men carrying guns approached a vehicle in the process of parking in a lot with the apparent intention of making off with the vehicle. The two OIJ agents inside the car called for backup and then arrested the men who, the report said, had not realized who exactly they were trying to rob.

Despite a request from the Public Prosecutor’s office for six months of preventative prison, a penal court allowed the suspects to remain free, while the case is pending. The suspects wore camouflage and were carrying weapons when arrested, but the penal court said they only “tapped on the window” of the car, which was not suspicious enough activity to result in preventative prison, according to the daily La Nación.

Word of the Day

alleged \ə-ˈlejd, -ˈle-jəd\
1: asserted to be true or to exist <an alleged miracle>
2: questionably true or of a specified kind : supposed, so-called <bought an alleged antique vase>
3: accused but not proven or convicted <an alleged burglar>

More Vocabulary

Apparent: adj. seeming to be true but possibly not true
Backup: n. help or support provided by additional people or things
Botched: adj. to do (something) badly : to ruin (something) because of carelessness or a lack of skill
Carjack: v. to steal someone’s car while the owner is still in it
Heist: n. an act of stealing something from a bank or store
Pending: adj. not yet decided or acted on
Preventative: adj. used to stop something bad from happening

Love those Phrasal Verbs!

Go down: to happen (colloquial)

  • Do you know where Sally’s party went down last weekend?

Make off with: steal

  • The thief made off with my stereo and TV when he robbed my apartment last week.

Rip off: steal; charge excessively or obtain money unfairly

  • Heather’s cell phone has been ripped off so many times that I have lost count!

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