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The Weird and the Wonderful

Wife calls police when husband won’t get rid of pet gator


CITRA, FL (WESH/NBC) – A Florida man’s efforts to save a baby alligator have landed him in jail.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said Alexander Springer was keeping the foot-long gator in a bathtub.

Springer’s wife, Teresa Springer, said she tried to tell her husband to get rid of the gator, but he didn’t listen.

“I told him he better get rid of it because one day he was going to get caught,” she said.

Deputies showed up at their home after a report of a domestic disturbance. While deputies were at her home, Teresa said she showed them what was living in her tub.

“He told our detectives that he basically got the alligator from a friend and he was protecting it and was going to release the alligator the next day,” said Judge Cochran with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

She said her husband had no plans to release the gator. She said he built an enclosure in the backyard with chicken wire and a pond because he planned on keeping it as a pet.

“Why would I want a gator in my house? I’m scared of them. That’s not a natural habitat for an alligator in the first place,” she said.

Springer was arrested. The alligator was released in a local lake.

What’s the moral of the story?

“Leave alligators in their natural habitat and don’t try to hide them in your bathtub,” Teresa Springer said.

Word of the Day

Moral \ˈmȯr-əl, ˈmär-; 3 is mə-ˈral\
1a : the moral (see moral) significance or practical lesson (as of a story) b : a passage pointing out usually in conclusion the lesson to be drawn from a story
2 plural a : moral practices or teachings : modes of conduct b : ethics
3: morale

More Vocabulary

Chicken wire: n. a wire mesh used to make enclosures for chickens
Deputy: n. an important assistant who helps the person who the leader of a government, organization, police sheriff, etc.
Disturbance: n. violent or noisy behavior especially in public
Enclosure: n. an area that is surrounded by a wall, fence, etc. : an enclosed space
Gator: n. short for “alligator”
Release: v. to allow (a person or animal) to leave a jail, cage, prison, etc. : to set (someone or something) free
Tub: n. short for “bathtub”

Love those Phrasal Verbs!

Get rid of: to dispose of; to throw out

  • When will you get rid of all of your old clothes?

 Land in: to end up in something, such as a mess, jail, trouble, etc

  • Tom’s constant speeding landed him in some trouble when the police finally caught him.

Show up: to arrive somewhere

  • Sarah showed up at the party pretty late on Saturday.

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