Posted by: Idioma Extra | February 6, 2012

Tuesday’s News

Movie star Will Smith to shoot film in Costa Rica


Superstar Will Smith is in Costa Rica to film his latest movie. “After Earth” will begin filming Feb. 6, according to Twitter updates by the film’s director, M. Night Shyamalan, and screenwriter Gary Whitta.

Whitta announced on his twitter account Monday: “This week the AFTER EARTH cast & crew moves to Costa Rica to begin filming!”

Smith arrived in the country at 9 a.m. Wednesday, the immigration director at Juan Santamaría International Airport confirmed to the daily La Nación.

Shyamalan, the director best known for 1999’s “The Sixth Sense,” said on his account that some of the crew is already here, and “a year and a half of writing and prep is coming to an end.” He stated the Costa Rica shoot begins next Tuesday.

The futuristic film stars Will Smith and son Jaden as a father and son who crash-land on the planet Earth 1,000 years after it has been abandoned by humanity, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Last July, Smith and Shyamalan were spotted scouting film locations near Arenal Volcano in north-central Costa Rica.

Smith, 43, has not been in a movie since 2008, when he starred in “Hancock” and “Seven Pounds.” “Men In Black III,” the third installment of the hit sci-fi comedy, comes out this summer.

Jaden Smith,13, starred in 2010’s remake of “The Karate Kid.” He made his acting debut alongside his father in 2006’s “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

Shyamalan last directed the critically lambasted “The Last Airbender.”

“After Earth” has a 2013 release date.

Word of the Day

lambaste \(ˌ)lam-ˈbāst, -ˈbast; ˈlam-ˌ\
transitive verb
1: to assault violently : beat, whip
2: to attack verbally : censure <critics lambasted his performance>

More Vocabulary

Cast: n. the set of actors in a play or movie
Crash-land: v. to land (an airplane, helicopter, etc.) in an unusual way because of an emergency
Crew: n. a group of people who do a specified kind of work together
Futuristic: adj. relating to or telling about events in the future
Installment: n. any one of several parts of a long book, television program, etc., that are published or shown over a period of time
Spot: v. to see or notice (someone or something that is difficult to see or find)

Phrases & Idioms

Prep: a short way of saying “prepare” or “preparation”

  • How much prep does it take to make gallo pinto?

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