Posted by: Idioma Extra | February 8, 2012

Thursday’s Tidbit

Be supposed to

The phrase “(be) supposed to” is often used in the English language. Here are some of the contexts that it is used in:

– When talking about general rules and customs.

– You are supposed to look both ways before crossing the street.

– You are supposed to take your shoes off before entering the house.

– Possible future plans or obligations.

– I am supposed to work this weekend.

– She is supposed to do laundry tonight.

– When talking about gossip or what people think in general or are saying about something.

– The new Brad Pitt movie is supposed to be terrible.

– The weather in Italy is supposed to be good this time of year.

– When talking about something that was going to happen in the past, but never did.

– I was supposed to finish the homework, but I felt sick.

– He was supposed to meet me, but he had problems with his car.

NoteThe verb ‘be’ must be conjugated before ‘supposed to.’ Futhermore, be sure that the conjugation agrees with the subject and is in the correct tense according to the context of the sentence (present or simple past).

Check Yourself!

Complete the sentence using the phrase “be supposed to.” Then decide what the context is: general rule (GR), future obligation (FO), gossip (G), or past obligation (PO).

1. He __________________ (get) new glasses this weekend. __

2. She  ____________________ (buy) a new cell phone. __

3. I ________________ (work) this weekend. __

4. The new Jim Carrey movie _________________ (be) really stupid. __

5. You ____________________ (buckle) your seat belt when driving. __

6. My father and I _______________________ (be) at home for dinner, but there was a big snowstorm. __

7. What time _________ you ________________ (take) the exam? __

8. Non-residents ________________________ (leave) the country every three months. __

9. You ______________________ (wear) business clothes to a job interview. __

10. That new Japanese restaurant _____________________ (have) the best sushi. __

Answers from last week’s Check Yourself!

  1. That art show was pretty impressive. I can’t believe the talent of some of those artists!
  2. We had quite a terrible time at the airport. Our plane was delayed twice!
  3. Jack is fairly intelligent. I wouldn’t trust him to build a plane, but he can get the job done.
  4. I can’t believe the weather in December in Costa Rica! It’s rather chilly!

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