Posted by: Idioma Extra | March 14, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

Because vs. Because of

There is an easy little trick to remember the difference between because and because of. Just remember that because of can only be followed by a noun. The conjunction because needs to be followed by a full sentence with a subject and verb afterwards. They both answer the question “why?”


A: Why did you go to the bar?
B: I went to the bar because I wanted to see my friends. (Notice the subject and verb after “because”)

because of

A: Why did you go to the bar?
B: I went to the bar because of the music. (Notice here that there is only a noun and NO verb afterwards.)

Check Yourself Here!
(This quiz will give you immediate feedback so we won’t post the answers next week.)

Answers to last week’s Check Yourself!

1. They always go to the park. They like to swim, too.
2. I like to go to the beach. I don’t know how to swim, though.
3. My co-workers are very friendly. They have a lot of experience, too.
4. They didn’t go to the beach. They didn’t go to the mountains, either.
5. My homework is very difficult. The other students are having problems, too.
6. I hurt my arm playing basketball. I didn’t go to the hospital, though.
7. He never gives money to strangers. He doesn’t speak to them, either.
8. She starts work early. She doesn’t work late, though.
9. He can’t find a job. It’s difficult to pay the rent, too.
10. They never take a vacation. They never leave the house, either.


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