Posted by: Idioma Extra | July 10, 2012

Wild Wednesdays

32 Accents in 8 Minutes

Normally when we post videos, we keep them relatively short. Today’s video, though, clocks in at close to 8 minutes but it’s well worth it. This unnamed poster has created a video of himself doing 32 different types of English accent. The range from North American accents, to Irish accents, to Scottish accents, to English accents as well as a variety of international accents (Sorry, no Tico English accent here but you can hear that in class every week! 😉

Some of the accents are honestly better than others, but it’s pretty entertaining and not a bad listening exercise for all of you who want practice trying to understand English accents. The actor here also uses slang/idioms that tend to be specific to the group of people he is imitating so the truly ambitious of you could use this to use new idioms as well!

Click here to watch the video if you can’t see it above: 32 Accents


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