Posted by: Idioma Extra | October 14, 2012

Multimedia Monday

Questions No One Knows the Answers To

Sometimes we post interesting lectures from the TED Talks. They have launched a new series of lessons about really fascinating questions that no one really has a final answer to.  This short animated video introduces us to the series and at then end, it allows us to choose between two questions: 1) How many universes are there? or, 2) Why can’t we see evidence of alien life?

In addition to the video, there is a short quiz about each one that you watch (you can find it on the right side) as well as a section to “Dig Deeper” where you can read more about the subject. Lots to explore!

And one more thing… if you click on the “CC” (closed caption) button on the bottom of the video, it will bring up subtitles in English so that you can read as you watch the video.

Enjoy your holiday and Happy Monday!

Watch the video here: Questions No One…


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