Posted by: Idioma Extra | March 20, 2013

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Adverbs of Manner

In your English classes, you have definitely studied adjectives. Adjectives are words like beautiful or tall or sunny that describes a person, place or thing.

There is another kind of word that describes verbs, though, and those words are called adverbs. You probably have studied adverbs of frequency like: sometimes, never, often, rarely, etc. Those are very useful words, but the make your English more powerful, descriptive, and interesting you can also use adverbs of manner. Adverbs of manner describe how something is done. For example, in the sentence: “He worked quickly,” the word quickly is an adverb of manner. It tells you how the person was working.

Here is a list of a lot of useful adverbs of manner: Adverbs of Manner List

Check it out and then when you are done, go ahead and practice by playing an adverbs of manner hangman game!

adverbs hangman2


Play hangman here: Adverbs of manner hangman


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