Posted by: Idioma Extra | April 24, 2013

Grammar Guru

Phrasal Verbs with “Do”



In last weeks’ Grammar Guru, we looked at phrasal verbs with “get.” This week we are reviewing some common ones with “do.”

Remember that phrasal verbs are verbs that contain two or more words such as “get in” or “fill up.” The first word is usually a verb (i.e., “get” or “fill” in the last examples) and the 2nd word is usually a preposition (i.e., “in” or “up” in the last examples). This 2nd word is also called a “particle.”

Phrasal verbs are very, very common and therefore they are very, very important to learn. The next few weeks, I will link to different websites where to can learn and practice some of the most common phrasal verbs.

Check out the link below to learn some new phrasal verbs today and don’t forget to take the little quiz at the bottom of the webpage to check your understanding!

Phrasal Verbs with “Do”



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