Posted by: Idioma Extra | May 27, 2013

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Grupo Nación announces more layoffs, new investments

The parent company of La Nación will fire 156 employees and launch a new matchmaking website.

Taken from: Tico Times

Grupo Nación

Print media is part of Grupo Nación holdings.  Courtesy of Grupo Nación

One of Costa Rica’s most prominent media groups, Grupo Nación (GN), said Wednesday on its website that it plans to lay off 156 employees in coming months. The company did not say which workers face the ax.

Grupo Nación also plans to invest nearly ₡2.8 billion ($5.5 million) in the construction of a new building for staff from the company’s many holdings. The new building will house workers from the daily newspapers La Nación, Al Día and La Teja, the weekly El Financiero, ADN Radio and various magazines.

Grupo Nación also announced the termination of SoHo Magazine, which targeted men, the launch of a new radio station called Q’Teja (the fourth radio station for the media group), and a new matchmaking website.

Antonieta Chaverri, GN media manager, said the changes “are part of a plan that aims to keep the company at the forefront of the media industry in Costa Rica.”

Last December, the company laid off 11 employees while announcing that a “reorganization process” would continue through 2013.

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