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Like vs. As

Do you know when to us like and when to use as?

Take from: Grammar Girl



When to Use Like, When to Use As


The proper way to differentiate between like and as is to use like when no verb follows (2). For example, Squiggly throws like a raccoon or It acted just like my computer. Notice that when I use like, the words that come after are generally simple. A raccoon and my computer are the objects of the preposition.

If the clause that comes next includes a verb, then you should use as. For example, Squiggly throws as if he were a raccoon or It acted just as I would expect my computer to behave. Notice that when I use as, the words that come after tend to be more complex.

You generally hear like used in everyday speech, so that helps me remember that like is the simpler word—or at least it is followed by simpler words. Assounds stuffier and is followed by a more complex clause that contains a verb.


Click here to test your usage: Like vs. As quiz


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