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Idioms with Luck

Idioms are one of the hardest things to understand and learn in a non-native language, but they are also what help speakers sound more natural. Check out just a few of the English idioms that use the word luck.

Definition of luck: noun; having good fortune


Luck outto have had good fortune come upon someone unexpectedly

Example: Lena was late for her flight and almost missed it, but she lucked out when she found out it was delayed.

Similar idiom: in luck (Lena was in luck when she found out her flight was delayed.)


Down on one’s luckto have a lot of bad luck in a short period of time

Example: James lost his job, crashed his car, and broke up with his girlfriend in the same week. He was definitely down on his luck!

Similar idiom: tough luck (used as an exclamation, as in: Tough luck, James!)


Lucky streak: the opposite of down on one’s luck, to have a lot of good luck in a short period of time

Example: Allan was having a lucky streak: he won the lottery and met the love of his life last month.


Push one’s luck: after already being lucky, trying the same thing again to see if one will be lucky again

Example: After winning the lottery, I decided to push my luck and buy another lottery ticket.

Note: Push one’s luck is often used in the negative. Don’t push your luck! would mean to not be greedy with what you are asking.


Just my luck!: something you say when things are going wrong.

Example: So he left five minutes before I got here, did he? Just my luck.

Note: This is often used sarcastically.


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