Posted by: Idioma Extra | July 31, 2013

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Idioms with Body Parts

Idioms are one of the hardest things to understand and learn in a non-native language, but they are also what help speakers sound more natural. Check out just a few of the English idioms that use body parts.

All ears: Fully listening.

Example: Give me a minute to finish my work and then I’ll be all ears to hear about your project.

Head over heels: Deep in love.

Example: My brother is head over heels for his new girlfriend.

Cold feet: Nervous just before a big event.

Example: My sister didn’t get cold feet until she put her wedding gown on.

To have one’s head in the clouds: To be unaware or unrealistic about something.

Example: Amy has her head in the clouds if she thinks she’s going to pass her exams without studying.

To pull one’s leg: to joke or tease someone.

Example: I was just pulling your leg. I’m not really a police officer.

Now, take the Comprehension Quiz.



  1. I’ve just left a link to this post in the comments section of a post i’ve done on teaching idioms

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