Posted by: Idioma Extra | August 7, 2013

Grammar Guru

Idioms with Colors

Idioms are one of the hardest things to understand and learn in a non-native language, but they are also what help speakers sound more natural. Check out just a few of the English idioms that use colors.

Black and whiteeither good or bad, either one way or the other way, oversimplified.

Example: The rules are very black and white. There is no way to break them.


To catch (someone) red-handedTo catch someone in the middle of doing something wrong.

Example: The woman was caught red handed when she was stealing makeup from the store.


With flying colorsWith great or total success.

Example: I passed my English course with flying colors because I studied my idioms so hard!


To give someone the green lightTo give someone permission to proceed with a project.

Example: Our boss gave us the green light to start our own project.


Blue in the faceto be very angry or upset, to be excited and very emotional.

Example: I argued with my boss until I was blue in the face but he wouldn’t agree with me.

Now, take the Comprehension Quiz.


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