Posted by: Idioma Extra | August 21, 2013

Grammar Guru

8 Common English Errors

Below are some examples of common mistakes that English language learners make. Can you correct them all?



Taken from Evergreen: A Guide to Writing.


1. Count/Noncount Nouns

Noun error:
      The box contained many photo of my family.
The box contained many photos of my family

2.  Articles

Article error:
      There was beautiful sunrise this morning.
There was a beautiful sunrise this morning.

3. Prepositions

Preposition error:

On March, we will go to the mountains.
In March, we will go to the mountains.

4. Repeated Subject

Repeated subject:
      My engineering professor she is very smart.
My engineering professor is very smart.

5. Wrong Verb Tense

Tense error:
      Yesterday, I cash the refund check and buy a laptop.
Yesterday, I cashed the refund check and bought a laptop.

6.  Irregular Verbs

Verb error:
      They all have went to the film festival.
They all have gone to the film festival.

7.  Wrong Verb Form

Wrong verb form:
      We enjoy to eat there.
We enjoy eating there.

Now, take the quiz to see how you did!


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