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Present Perfect vs. Simple Present

present perfect

Sometimes, it can be confusing whether you should use the simple past or the present perfect. Below is an explanation of when and how to use both tenses. Compare the charts, then complete the comprehension quiz at the bottom.

1) Use

Present Perfect Simple Past
Result of an action in the past that is important in the present actions finished in the past
Recently completed actions series of completed actions in the past
Actions beginning in the past and still continuing together with the Past Progressive/Continuous – The Simple Past interrupted an action which was in progress in the past.

2) Signal words

Present Perfect Simple Past
just, yet, never, already, ever, so far, up to now, recently, since, for yesterday, last week, a month ago, in 2002

3) Form

Present Perfect Simple Past
have/has + past participle regular verbs: infinitive + ed
irregular verbs:
2nd column of the table of the irregular verbs

4) Examples

Present Perfect Simple Past
4-1 Affirmative sentences
have played football.
I‘ve played football.
played football.


Present Perfect Simple Past
4-2 Negative sentences
have not played football.
I‘ve not played football.
haven’t played football.
did not play football.
didn’t play football.


Present Perfect Simple Past
4-3 Questions
Have I played football? Did I play football?


Now, take the Comprehension Quiz.


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