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Happy, happy, happy!


Idioms are one of the hardest things to understand and learn in a non-native language, but they are also what help speakers sound more natural. Check out just a few of the English idioms that use the word happy.

For more advanced explanations of the idioms, check out

Happy as a clam: to be very content and happy

Example: I was happy as a clam to learn that my favorite singer was coming to town to perform!

Slaphappy: [slap-hap-ee]  Dazed, silly, or incoherent

Example: I get slaphappy when I am tired. I know my body is exhausted, but I get silly and try to run around.

Happy-go-lucky: [hap-ee-goh-luhk-ee] happy and worry-free

Example: Bill is such a happy-go-lucky guy! Whenever I go to him for problems, he solves them with a smile!

 Happy medium: a satisfactory compromise between people

Example: I wanted to go to the movies but my girlfriend wanted to go out to eat. We reached a happy medium when we decided to go a movie theater with a restaurant in it!

Happy camper: a happy, satisfied person (*note: this is usually used in the negative!)

Example: Jen was not a happy camper when her guide said that they would have to walk 10 more kilometers than they had planned.

Now, take a short Idiom Quiz!

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